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Large Format

Banners & Signage:

We produce high quality banners that maximize the impact of your displays. Our production turn-around is quick, flexible in terms of size and quantity, and our talented, in-house designers work with you to ensure high quality of advertising. A wide selection of materials are available for printing and we will help select what would be most suitable for you, based on whether the display would be inside or outside, or whether it would be for a corporate presentation or retail display.

Costs are dependent on the material selection, size, order quantity, and delivery time. Our team will work with you to get optimum savings.

What materials can BaseCamp print on?
If you're looking for something sturdy, you might want Coroplast, Foamboard, Gator Board, PVC, Polysterene, Aluminum. If you're looking for banners, you might want Vinyl, Canvas, Mesh, Fabric. Have something else in mind? We can do our best to find the right solution for you!

Where can you use large format prints?
Trade shows, retail displays, conventions, product launches, sports & music events, grand openings, signage

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